These New Year’s resolution ‘Secrets’ will lead you to a bigger, better, fitter you

People drop their New Year’s resolutions as frequently as they make them. Itoften feels like it’s an endless frustration. They try to make smaller, moremanageable plans, yet still fail to keep their promise. If it’s not about theambition, then what is it about?

Resolutions that include fitness goals are probably some of the hardest. Thekey to being successful is having not only an ambition, but a whole plan. Don’tset just a starting time, but also a deadline. This will keep you motivated.Visualize yourself working for your goals. It will help you see whether it’sdoable or not.

Another great tip is to refrain from focusing on more areas in your lifeduring the same time. If you plan to have a better love life, get a better job,make more friends, move someplace new etc., on top of your fitness goals forthe year, you’ll be quickly overwhelmed. It’s almost impossible to handlechanges in more areas of life. You will need too much energy and determination.The wisest is to simply focus on a goal and stick with it.

Involving a friend or relative in your plans will do you good. We’re notsaying you should find a gym partner to come with you each time. It’s enoughthat you communicate your plans to someone. Let them know the deadline, too.This way, they will keep on checking your progress, asking you about it,motivating you etc. Also, in case you’re neglecting your goals, they will bethere to remind you.

Rewards will keep you going and make you enthusiastic about every step andevery stage in your plan of getting fit in the new year. Therefore, set somerewards for yourself at certain intervals. You need to have something to fightfor, other than the results you are dreaming with. The rewards could be a fewweekends off, a particular kind of food, a meeting with friends and so on. 

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