Ethyl Oleate - what is the deal with this stuff?

On many of our products you will see notices on some of the descriptions, or labels, confirming the product contains Ethyl Oleate

Not many people know what as we will call it, actually is.

EO is a carrier essentially used for short ester steroids like Testosterone No Ester, or in high concentration compounds and blends. EO is used at times as the full carrier in lie of any oil, or as part of the receipe for the product, ie it may be used at 30-50% of the mix.

Now Ethyl Oleate for some is a god send. For others, not so. On average (from GC's own statistical analysis lol) 1 in every 8 customers approx. may suffer an allergic reaction to EO. Typical reactions include flu like symptoms, balling up at injection, redness at jab site. At times these same symptoms can occur from improper injection protocol, but it is worth noting many are allergic to EO, so its essential your aware of whether you are, by potentially testing the water if you're a first time user and using 0.5ml of your chosen product to gauge your reaction.

On the contrary the good stuff! EO can also slow absorbtion rates of the steroid ester it is used with, but can also aid in stabilising the solution at the jab site,  make high concentrations thinner and easier to inject and also aid in preventing the recipe crashing.

Some customers use EO with no issue, and even mix EO with their normal steroid formula to aid in pip reduction, the other is not so and some can feel pain and tenderness for a couple of days.

It comes down to the individual so if you try it, you will know.

There are reports all over (not just Noble but all brands in general) of issues with EO, and I figured it may be of assistance to write a small article to explain what it is and why the differing reactions.


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