Injection Protocol Procedure Information

I have written this article to detail my injection protocol, as I often get emails where people have no clue, or are dong it wrong, or have experienced, as we have all no doubt bad jabs

For information on site locations, I always reference - note we have no affiliation or link to this site, but I have referenced it on many occasion for new site jabs.

So the basics:

  • I usually have a warm bath/shower and pre pick my jab site. While in the bath/shower I massage the site for 5 mins to get blood flowing the area of choice in advance. The muscle will be warm and with enhanced blood flow.
  • Once you have dried off etc etc, look at your products of choice. Ensure they are in date. Wash your hands, ideally some alcohol foam hand gel stuff is great to use after washing your hands.
  • I normally place my vial in a mug of warm water for 5 mins by warm I mean bath water warm. It enables the oil to thin a little and make the jab a little smoother. Once its warmed up, take it out and dry it off completely.
  • Use an alco swab to swab the top of your vial. Ensure the needles and syringes you will be using are sterile, and packaged, unopened.
  • Next step fill up your syringe. Everyone uses different needles and syringe sizes but in general I use a 1.5 inch 21 gauge green needle and attach it to the syringe to draw up the oil. I then switch needles to a blue 1.25 23 gauge  needle. This varies depending on jab site, some sites may need smaller thinner needles, like bi's and tri's, others may need longer needles like glutes etc.
  • Next disinfect the jab site. Alco swab the area, and inject. Once in, do not forget to aspirate (pull back on the syringe plunger slightly, if your in the muscle you will see a small air bubble rise, if in a vein blood will come up into the syringe, if your in a vein withdraw and rejab.
  • Inject your product slowly there is no rush! Once done, take out the needle, put the needle lid on and dispose of both in a secure sharps bin. Place an alco swab onto the site, and hold it there for a couple of minutes until any slight blood droplets stop. Once stopped, use an alco wipe and apply it to the cotton and tape the site, but massage the jab site well for 5 mins. Ideally if you can, get some light weights or resistance bands and do some pump work specific to the jab site to get the blood flowing and to aid dispersion of the oil depot into the blood as the last thing we want is it to sit there.

That is pretty much it! Becareful not to ever inject in a vein,  or to load too much oil into one site. Stay safe, stay healthy. Information above is that of my own opinion, and not of a medical practitioner and is for entertainment purposes only.a

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